Definition of Biocontrol

A more sustainable approach to the management of agricultural and environmental pests is the use of biological control (or biocontrol). Here we explain briefly what we regard as biocontrol when identifying solutions for pest problems.

Pest Identification

Knowing the identity of your problem pest is critical to sourcing an effective means of managing the pest. Here we provide guidance and tools to help identify your pest problem, and also potentially develop your diagnostic skills.

Pest Management

Storage, handling, timing and method of application of these biological based approaches to pest management can be critical in ensuring efficacy of the product. Here you will find a selection of resources providing an insight into ensuring you maximise the impact of these agents in your production system.


Understanding and awareness of regulations relating to the major export destinations in respect of pesticide use can be important in understanding the benefits of using more sustainable biological approaches. In addition, horizon scanning of the future withdrawal of certain pesticides can be critical to ensure you identify new approaches to pest management for continued stable production and market access. Here you will find some useful resources to help you understand market needs and potential.

Types of biocontrol agents

A better understanding of the range of biocontrol agents and the way in which they interact with the target pest can help in the selection of a suitable agent for your production system, but also provide insight into how they can be more effectively used. Here we provide additional information and resources on these novel approaches.