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Self-study course: Crop Pest Diagnosis

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Close-up of aphids with ants

What will you learn?

We have brought together our expertise in plant health and diseases for users around the globe. Our new course is a self-study course in Crop Pest Diagnosis. This course is a beginner’s guide designed to help learners to diagnose pests, diseases and their symptoms in the field.

  • Module 1: Symptoms – frequently encountered symptoms of plant problems
  • Module 2: Insects and mites – pests that cause plant damage
  • Module 3: Causes – learn to recognise common causes of many symptoms
  • Module 4: Nutrient deficiencies – symptoms associated with nutrient deficiency
  • Module 5: Diagnostics – learn exercises to help you practice and prepare for the Practitioner assessment
  • Module 6: Assessment – upon completion, will receive the Foundation, Practitioner, or Advanced certificate in Crop Pest Diagnosis


People residing in certain countries or who are part of certain organizations may access the Pest Crop Diagnosis course for free. To check whether your country or organization provides open access, visit the bottom of this page.

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