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Welcoming SAN as CABI BioProtection Portal’s newest associate

Published 10/07/2024

Theme: Portal members

Theme: BioProtection Portal

We are thrilled to welcome the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) as a new CABI BioProtection Portal associate member. This collaboration will support our shared goal of promoting sustainable agricultural practices worldwide.

Logo of SAN (Sustainable Agriculture Network)

SAN’s mission to promote sustainable farming practices

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) is a global organization dedicated to promoting a transformative change of agriculture practices to secure the future of food, nature and rural communities. From the farms themselves to the agricultural value chains, SAN aims to transform agriculture with the help of its network of members, in partnership with companies, donors, and other like-minded organizations.

SAN plays a crucial role in advancing the global agricultural sector towards a more sustainable and equitable future. One way they do this is by advocating for the responsible use of pesticides and alternative pest-control farming practices, such as using biological plant protection products that can be found on the CABI BioProtection Portal.

A longstanding partnership with CABI and the agriculture industry

This new partnership with the CABI BioProtection Portal is a natural progression of SAN’s long-standing collaboration with CABI. Over the years, SAN and CABI have successfully worked together on numerous projects and initiatives, notably implementing Integrated Pest Management and pesticide-use risk reduction in practice.

CABI and SAN joint efforts have included sharing knowledge and resources and taking on-the-ground actions to promote sustainable agriculture. For example, SAN and CABI are working together on the design, trial and scaling of biodiversity infrastructure (multifunctional plant beds) in Malaysian oil palm fields to stabilize production by reducing pest-pressure. There is also an on-going collaboration for assessing pesticide use in global vegetables and spices supply chains to identify Highly Hazardous Pesticides and find alternatives for phase-out and replacement.

This previous commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, coupled with the new support for the CABI BioProtection Portal, further strengthens the synergy between SAN and CABI. This makes the collaboration even more impactful.

SAN and the CABI BioProtection Portal

The Sustainable Agriculture Network’s Senior Manager of strategic programs, Catalina Mora, said: “We joined the CABI BioProtection Portal because we want to keep up with, and contribute to, developing new knowledge to support the uptake of bioprotection products worldwide. Gaining more knowledge of biological crop protection and disseminating this information is key in supporting our network and partners around the world to promote the implementation of sustainable agriculture practices.”

CABI is equally excited about this partnership and the benefits it will bring to the CABI BioProtection Portal, the largest free resource for bioprotection. SAN’s extensive experience and network promoting sustainable farming practices align perfectly with our mission. By working together, we can enhance our efforts to provide comprehensive resources and support to farmers globally, amplifying our impact.

What this collaboration means

This new partnership between SAN and the CABI BioProtection Portal will enable us to leverage SAN’s network and communication channels. Through this collaboration, SAN can support the dissemination of the Portal and its resources, ensuring that valuable information on sustainable agriculture reaches a broader audience. Additionally, our commitment extends to promoting the SAN network by featuring them on our website and in all communication materials.

With our combined expertise, we will also develop new material that will address critical topics in sustainable agriculture, including SAN’s strategic papers or CABI BioProtection Portal’s resource articles.

This collaboration reflects our commitment to sharing knowledge and promoting sustainable agricultural practices worldwide. We are excited about the opportunities this will bring and look forward to its positive impact on our members and the broader agricultural community.

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