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New beneficial nematodes in capsules from e-nema and Katz Biotech

Published 11/06/2021

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How the new formulation of beneficial nematodes in capsules looks – photo © of Katz Biotech

Biotech companies e-nema GmbH and Katz Biotech AG have collaborated to develop a new, innovative formulation of an existing product for biological pest control – beneficial nematodes in capsules which offer long-lasting efficacy against sciarid gnats and are ideal for preventative treatments, available from spring 2021.

Commercial growers and home gardeners can utilize beneficial nematodes, a well-established pest control solution.

Dissolve the current formulation powder in water and apply it as a curative treatment to substrate or soil. The Nematodes are immediately active and kill the larvae of fungus gnats within a few days.

Contrary to the current formulation, which is based on a clay formulation, the new formulation nemaplus® depot is a preventative mode of action. Capsules introduced into substrate/soil release nematodes gradually, providing extended protection for the long term. The slow-release of the capsules make this method ideal for preventative treatment against fungus gnats.

Sabrina Sieger, Senior Sales Manager at e-nema GmbH and Dr. Peter Katz, Board Member of Biotech AG commented, “We are delighted to jointly introduce this new and innovative biological product. The encapsulated nematodes will be available for home and garden use in spring 2021. Later in the year, they will be accessible to commercial growers through both e-nema and Katz.”

e-nema GmbH is a global leader in manufacturing of entomopathogenic nematodes for biocontrol. Katz Biotech AG produces and distributes a comprehensive range of beneficial insects. The company places a strong emphasis on developing further innovative products and processes for biological and integrated plant protection.

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