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GroPro joins Portal to drive mission and showcase bioprotection

Published 14/11/2023

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We are excited to welcome GroPro as our newest CABI BioProtection Portal member. GroPro is a leading international manufacturer of biological products committed to promoting the adoption of bio-based products in agriculture.

Their biopesticide products will soon feature as partner products on the CABI BioProtection Portal. The enhanced ability will allow them to include supplementary information such as product labels, distributor details, and factsheets.

GroPro rigorously validates the efficacy of its products in an integrated pest management context, sharing knowledge and trial results with users. Another integral aspect of their work involves educating farmers on the power of biologicals, especially in developing markets.

GroPro’s core mission

GroPro’s core mission is to spread the message that farming with non-chemical products is economically feasible – and can, in fact, cost less. Furthermore, biocontrol products are safer for farmers, workers, and the environment. They also improve the health of water, soil, and plants by harmonizing with nature.

Founder and Chief Science Officer Jeff Hill said, “We are excited to expand the reach of our products by partnering with the CABI BioProtection Portal. As a company, it is important to work with partners that share our core values. By joining forces, we can create greater awareness and knowledge around biocontrol, and support greater demand for and innovation of biological products.”

The CABI BioProtection Portal is an open-access tool to help growers and advisors easily source biopesticides and biocontrol agents for pest management. Already active in 42 countries, the portal includes over 4000 bioprotection products that cover more than 940 crops and 2200 pests.

The portal is able to remain open-access thanks to the funding provided by our partners, sponsors, and donors. This funding enables us to keep the portal search tool up-to-date and develop our Resources so it serves as a reliable, comprehensive source of biocontrol information.

Our Resources section is dedicated to equipping growers and advisors with the essential knowledge they need. This is crucial for making well-informed pest management decisions. It includes introductory material on bioprotection as well as CABI courses and apps. These tools provide vital practical information on how to select and use biocontrol products. They aim to effectively manage crop pests and diseases sustainably.

By providing growers and advisors with greater accessibility to information, we hope to accelerate awareness and uptake of bioprotection solutions. This, in turn, will drive innovation within the industry.

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