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CABI BioProtection Portal launches new website

Published 30/11/2022

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We are excited to announce the launch of CABI BioProtection Portal new website. Improved, intuitive navigation at its core enhances user experience. The refreshed, user-friendly look makes locating information about non-chemical pest control products worldwide easier for visitors.

The portal provides users with up-to-date information on nationally registered and available biological control and biopesticide products. We have redesigned the portal making sure it provides the most user-friendly experience possible. User testing in Kenya last year enhanced the website team’s understanding of the portal’s visitors’ needs. The team updated the website’s look and feel, tailoring the user experience based on feedback.

We are particularly excited to reveal a new area of the website on the homepage dedicated to testimonials. We have included personal experiences and insights of using the portal to help visitors understand, first-hand, how this free online resource can support the move toward biological control of pests.

“The portal has all the information that I require for training farmers, which has helped me recruit more farmers into organic farming.” – Samuel Donald, Technical Assistant, Interveg Export Limited, Kenya

“The portal has given a boost to my work as I have been able to network with suppliers of the biopesticides and exchange information regularly.” – Wycliff Wachira, Agronomist, Kenton Farm Ltd, Kenya

“The portal helps us as a company provide reliable information on our evolving biologicals portfolio to support our market ambitions focused on grower needs and ensure responsible and sustainable use of our products.” – Gina M. Swart (PhD), Head of Global Product Biology Disease Control, Syngenta

Putting non-chemical pest control information in the hands of those who need it

The CABI BioProtection Portal is a ground-breaking online information resource for non-chemical pest control. Available on four continents and in local languages, its goal is to help growers and advisors identify, source, and correctly apply biological pest control products. It aims to promote awareness and uptake of more sustainable approaches to agriculture and horticulture worldwide. This innovative tool can be accessed on multiple devices, putting valuable information in the hands of those who need it.

Looking ahead, we have plans for continuous improvements to the portal.

We are currently rebuilding the product search area of the website to match the new look and feel. We hope to release it later this year. Also, we aim to develop and grow the portal, not only in terms of partners and countries covered but also user experience. We encourage you to give us feedback about the new website our feedback page and look forward to supporting you in your journey towards more sustainable agriculture.

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