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Applied Bio-nomics becomes partner of CABI BioProtection Portal

Published 18/05/2021

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Applied Bio-nomics hanging on a leaf
Image credit: Applied Bio-nomics

The CABI BioProtection Portal is delighted to welcome Applied Bio-nomics as a new partner. Since its beginning in 1980, Applied Bio-nomics has been a world leader in the introduction and implementation of biological control of pests.

Applied Bio-nomics specializes in the production of macrobial biological control agents and was the first company in Canada to introduce growers to many now-familiar biological pest control products including Stratiolaelaps scimitus (previously called Hypoaspis miles), Stethorus punctillum and Delphastus catalinae.

This expertize is great news for visitors of the CABI BioProtection Portal wanting to gain more information about the biological control of pests and biopesticides in agriculture.

A portal to support non-chemical pest control

The CABI BioProtection Portal is a ground-breaking information resource for non-chemical pest control and is available on four continents. It helps growers and agricultural advisors to identify, source and correctly apply biocontrol and biopesticide products against problematic pests in their crops.

This innovative portal provides users with up-to-date information on nationally registered and available biological control and biopesticide products and in doing so hopes to promote awareness and uptake of more sustainable approaches to agriculture and horticulture across the globe. It is available in local languages and can be accessed on multiple devices, thereby catering to the specific needs of its users.

The partnership with Applied Bio-nomics, based in Canada, means that users of the CABI BioProtection Portal will now have more detailed information about the company’s biological pest control options, thereby making it easier to identify the product(s) most suited to their needs. The partnership coincides with the launch of the CABI BioProtection Portal in Canada.

Applied Bio-nomics joins existing partners, sponsors and donors, and will now be part of the portal’s Development Consortium that guides the ongoing development of the CABI BioProtection Portal, including which countries get added to the tool.

Dr Ulrich Kuhlmann, Executive Director, Global Operations at CABI said: “We are delighted to welcome Applied Bio-nomics on board as a partner and are excited to have such a highly reputable, experienced and privately-owned company on our Development Consortium. We are looking forward to further developing this tool together over the months and years ahead”.

For more information about Applied Bio-nomics, visit

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