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The Minor Use Foundation joins the CABI BioProtection Portal

Published 5/07/2024

Theme: Portal members

Theme: BioProtection Portal

We are thrilled to announce that the Minor Use Foundation has joined the CABI BioProtection Portal as our newest member. This collaboration will enhance our collective efforts to promote sustainable pest management practices and support farmers worldwide.

About the Minor Use Foundation

The Minor Use Foundation (MUF) is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to achieving greater agricultural biodiversity, reducing food waste, and improving global nutritional outcomes. It aims to do so notably by promoting crop protection technologies for the cultivation and supply of minor crops worldwide.

Minor crops are high-value crops that are culturally important or important for trade and economic growth in developing countries. They include most fruits and vegetables, nuts, spices, and ornamentals.

Agricultural research investments often overlook minor crops because they are of lower economic interest due to their small-scale use. Farmers, therefore, face significant challenges, such as the lack of pest management solutions specifically adapted to this type of crop.

MUF works to develop and implement practical and effective solutions, ensuring these farmers can grow healthier, more profitable crops. In addition, it aims to facilitate international cooperation to increase the trade of minor crops.

The official logo of the Minor Use Foundation

Helping minor crop farmers through collaboration

The CABI BioProtection Portal is a global tool for finding biological plant protection products, many of which are available for minor crops. These alternatives to chemical pesticides are safer for farmers and the environment.

The Portal is a valuable resource for the Minor Use Foundation to identify and trial various sustainable pest management solutions that could replace the need and use of chemical pesticides for minor crop growers. In addition, the MUF can directly facilitate access to crop protection information and promote environmentally responsible practices. This helps farmers find effective bioprotection products that enhance crop health and productivity.

This new partnership can significantly increase the Portal’s reach, connecting us with a broader audience and amplifying our impact.

By joining the CABI BioProtection Portal, the MUF also gains enhanced visibility through the display of their logo on our members’ page and in all our communication materials, benefiting from increased traffic and awareness. The collaboration also provides the MUF access to CABI’s team of experts, who can provide technical assistance in the field of crop protection.

This partnership strengthens our collective efforts to promote sustainable pest management and support smallholder farmers, making a significant impact on global agricultural practices.

A Bengali woman in a field for bottle gourds touching their stems
A woman taking care of bottle gourds in Bangladesh. Credit: iStock images

Building a strong network for sustainable agriculture

We are also proud to note that the MUF and the CABI BioProtection Portal share many partners, such as COLEAD, SDTF, IICA, Bioprotection Global and APAARI. This convergence is creating a robust network dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices. By leveraging our combined networks and resources, we can drive significant positive change in the agricultural sector and continue helping farmers grow healthier and more profitable crops globally.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership and the initiatives it will drive!

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