Qu'est-ce que les biopesticides et les produits de biocontrôle ?


Les biopesticides et les produits de biocontrôle sont des produits phytosanitaires à base d'organismes vivants et de composés d'origine naturelle.

They are categorised as microbials, semiochemicals, natural substances and macrobials.

  • The microbials contain bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms that have the capacity to kill pests or outcompete and prevent diseases.
  • Semiochemicals are message-bearing compounds produced by an animal or plant that can be used to change and disrupt a pest’s normal behaviour.
  • Natural substances obtained from plants, minerals and animals can have antimicrobial, insecticidal or pest repellent activity.
  • Macrobials contain insects and mites that when released will parasitize and feed on pests.

All can be used to disrupt, deter or kill pests and diseases attacking plants.