CABI BioProtection Portal launches in Canada

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The CABI BioProtection PortalCABI’s ground-breaking online bioprotection resourcehas been launched in Canada. Available in both French and English, the portal offers support for growers and pest management advisors looking to identify, source and correctly apply biopesticides in Canada for their specific crop-pest problems. 

Officially launched online via video conferencing, the opening event followed a series of presentations from industry stakeholders on various options for non-chemical pest controlAttended by over 130 participants, presentations were given by the portal’s partner representatives, Dr Gina M Swart of Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Brian Spencer from Applied Bio-nomics Ltd and Rachel Hagel of TerraLink. 

At the launch eventGina Swart said, “The beauty of the CABI BioProtection Portal is that it is a free, web-based tool that enables users to find information about registered biocontrol and biopesticide products around the world. It helps them, as well as their customers/stakeholders, to make the right decisions based on current and reliable information.” 

“It also helps us as a company provide reliable information on our evolving biologicals portfolio to support our market ambitions focused on grower needs and to ensure responsible and sustainable use of our products.” 

Brian Spencer is the owner of the first biocontrol manufacturing company in Canada, Applied Bio-nomics Ltd. He partnered with the CABI de BioProtección Portal recognizing how relevant this decision support tool will be to the Canadian market and supports CABI’s passion for increasing awareness and knowledge of biopesticides in Canada. 

During her presentation, Rachel Hagel said, “We are proud to back the CABI BioProtection Portal as it supports the use of eco-friendly products and connects growers with local resources and experts.” 

"También proporciona información objetiva para ayudar a educar e informar a los interesados en las soluciones biológicas a los problemas de plagas en la agricultura y ayuda a promover la salud del suelo y de las plantas y las prácticas sostenibles y regenerativas". 

A key resource for farmers looking for information about biopesticides in Canada

Certain types of chemical pesticides in agriculture negatively affect the environment as well as human health. The CABI de BioProtección Portal aims to be the go-to resource for identifying and sourcing non-chemical pest control products and biopesticides in Canada. It will be of particular help to growers wanting to phase out chemical pesticides and focus more on biological control of pests in order to satisfy export or market standards, meet consumer demands for healthier and safer food and reduce demands on the environment. 

El CABI BioProtection Portal is easy to use with simple country and crop-pest queries that generate information on biocontrol and biopesticide products authorized by national regulators. Information is sourced from national governments’ list of registered pesticides and partner biocontrol manufacturers. 

The launch in Canada means the portal is increasing its geographical reach and is now helping farmers to reduce their reliance on chemical pesticides and use biopesticides in agriculture in over a dozen countries. Other countries on the portal include Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, Bangladesh, Brazil, Uganda, Chile, Colombia, France, Jordan, Spain and Peru. 

Executive Director, Global Operations at CABI, Dr Ulrich Kuhlmann, said, “I greatly appreciate that the Canadian Pest Management Centre supports our global initiative as they are partnering with the grower community, provincial governments, scientific experts, and the crop protection industry to identify critical pest problems and match them with potential solutions.” 

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