CABI BioProtection Portal in Chile

Discover over 190 biocontrol and biopesticide products permitted in Chile for a variety of crops.

Welcome to the CABI BioProtection Portal in Chile. This is a free, web-based tool that enables you to discover information about biocontrol and biopesticide products registered for use in Chile. Click below to begin your search for suitable products for your particular crop-pest problem.

How to use the BioProtection Portal

  1. Users enter their country and crop-pest query.
  2. The search generates a list of biocontrol and biopesticide products, together with their active ingredient and manufacturer, that are registered for the specified crop-pest problem in the selected country. This information is sourced directly from national governments’ lists of registered plant protection products.
  3. Further guidance on correct storage and application is also provided for products that belong to partner biocontrol manufacturers, together with links to product labels and distributor details (find out about becoming a partner to the CABI BioProtection Portal).

Additional tools

The Crop Pest Diagnosis eLearning course teaches the hands-on skills needed for field-based diagnosis of plant pests, focusing on a methodology for diagnosis including Identifying symptoms, understanding causes, considering nutrient deficiencies and diagnostic practice exercises.

Users will gain skills to identify new and emerging threats to their crops, while also learning about symptom identification and causes of biotic and abiotic plant health problems

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The Horticulture Compendium is a comprehensive, encyclopedic resource for information on horticultural food crops.

It includes authoritative datasheets providing global coverage of temperate, tropical and subtropical horticultural food crops. It also includes datasheets that are enhanced with images, a bibliographic database, full-text articles and data from specialist organizations. 

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The Invasive Species Compendium is an open-access reference work, designed to support the work of everyone faced with the identification, prevention, and management of invasive species around the world.

It includes detailed coverage of invasive species threatening livelihoods and the environment worldwide. 

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The Plantwise Knowledge Bank is a open-access gateway to actionable plant health information and services – from diagnostic and management advice to maps of pest locations and customized alerts on pest news.

Access a free library of clear, practical and safe advice for tackling crop problems. Download factsheets for your country for use anytime, online or offline.

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