Biopesticides in the UK get a boost

wheat crop field

We are excited to announce the launch of the CABI BioProtection Portal in the UK. This ground-breaking online bioprotection resource is now available to help growers and pest management advisors in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to identify, source and correctly apply biocontrol and biopesticide products for their specific crop and pest problems. 

Visitors to the portal will be pleased to know they can now gain access to information about biopesticides in the UK via the portal. This free resource contains a range of environmentally friendly control options to address pests and diseases of major UK crops including whitefly on hops and tomato, fusarium on wheat, codling moth on apple and red spider mite on strawberry. 

Dr Gina M. Swart, Head of Global Product Biology Disease Control, Syngenta, said, “The beauty of the CABI BioProtection Portal is that it a free, web-based tool that enables us to find information about registered biocontrol and biopesticide products around the world and helps growers and advisors make the right decisions; or to support their customer/stakeholders to make their decisions based on current and reliable information. 

“It also helps us as a company provide reliable information on our evolving biologicals portfolio to support our market ambitions focused on grower needs and ensure responsible and sustainable use of our products.” 

Delivering information on biopesticides in the UK and beyond 

The CABI Bioprotection Portal aims to be the go-to resource for identifying and sourcing biocontrol and biopesticide products. It was created to offer information about biopesticides and help fight crop pests and diseases more sustainably. 

Users of the CABI BioProtection Portal enter their country and crop, and pest query in the system and generate key information on biocontrol and biopesticide products that are authorized by national regulators for that specific search. Information is sourced directly from national governments’ list of registered pesticides and from partner biocontrol manufacturers. 

The CABI BioProtection Portal is a truly international resource which aims to help farmers reduce their reliance on chemical pesticides. Aside from the UK, the portal has now been launched in Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, Peru, Spain and Uganda. 

Dr Ulrich Kuhlmann, Executive Director, Global Operations at CABI, said, “Globally, an estimated 40 percent of crops are lost to pests and diseases. The CABI BioProtection Portal offers a ‘one-stop shop’ for growers to fight unwanted insect pests and diseases with more sustainable and safer biocontrol and biopesticide products – as part of their integrated pest management strategy. 

“It is increasingly clear that certain kinds of chemical pesticides in agriculture are creating serious human health and environmental effects. The portal will be particularly beneficial for growers looking to replace chemical pesticides with biological products to meet market or export standards, satisfy consumer demands for healthier and safer food and reduce pressures on the environment.” 

Interested in biological control and biopesticidesFor more information, visit the CABI BioProtection Portal.