Why use biopesticides and biological controls?

early emergence

There are a number of very good reasons to use biopesticides and biological controls:

  • They are natural and have minimal environmental impact, plus they leave little or no toxic residues so we get cleaner and safer food.
  • They can introduce different modes of action to their chemical counterparts, reducing the selection pressure for pesticide resistance. 
  • Many have zero or very low pre-harvest and re-entry intervals
  • Many products are highly specific to the target pest.
  • And many are perfectly compatible with standard spray equipment.

Examples include:

  • Nemaflor® (e-nema) which contains tiny worm-like nematodes that infect and kill pests such as thrips and leaf miners; and 
  • Trianum-G (Koppert Biological Systems) which contains a fungus that grows along the roots of plants and protects them from incoming disease.

The BioProtection Portal will be updated with any new products as soon as they are registered, ensuring that users have access to the latest list of registered biocontrol and biopesticide products.

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