Pest Management​

مكافحة الآفات

  • 4.1 What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?


    Bioprotection or biocontrol can be used within an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme/approach. IPM can be described as an holistic approach to management of a pest by all available means, including the judicious use of chemical pesticides.

    A more precise definition and the principles of IPM can be found on the EU Sustainable Use of Pesticides web page:


    Why use biocontrol?

    هناك عدد من الأسباب الجيدة جدا لاستخدام المبيدات الحيوية ومنتجات المكافحة الحيوية:

    • هي منتجات طبيعية وتأثيرها على البيئة عند الحد الأدنى، بالإضافة إلى أنها لا تترك أثر متبقي سام أو يكون أثرها قليل لذلك نحصل على غذاء أكثر نظافة وأكثر أمنا.

    • يمكنها إضافة طرق تأثير مختلفة على الآفة لنظيراتها الكيميائية، مما يقلل ضغط الانتخاب على الآفات لاكتساب المقاومة ضد المبيدات الكيميائية.

    • العديد منها تكون فترة ما قبل الحصاد أو فترة ما قبل دخول الحقل بعد الاستخدام لها قصيرة جدا أو تساوي الصفر.

    • العديد من المنتجات تتميز بأنها على درجة عالية من التخصص على الآفة المستهدفة.

    • العديد منها متوافق تماما مع معدات الرش القياسية.

    الأمثلة تشمل:

    Nemaflor® (e-nema) which contains tiny worm-like nematodes that infect and kill pests such as thrips and leaf miners; and Trianum-G (Koppert Biological Systems) which contains a fungus that grows along the roots of plants and protects them from incoming disease

    A good example of how biocontrol or bioprotection fits within an overall IPM strategy can be seen here: IPM Pyramid

    Illustrations of how these components can be put together for specific crops can be seen in these panels from IBMA: IPM in practice

    If you want to learn more about the application of the IPM approach why not take a self-study course with CABI on Crop Pest Management:


  • 4.2 Monitoring & Scouting
    How can you monitor for pests?

    A quick guide to effective monitoring is provided in this short video from the UKs AHDB

  • 4.3 Application
    How can you apply bioprotection agents?
    Application of bioprotection agents and the correct dosage are important for their effective use this is addressed in the following videos for the fungal bioprotection agent Metarhizium: Green muscle Dosage و Green muscle Application

    EPN application  in fruit trees

    A useful guide to combination of EPNs with chemical pesticides can be found on the e-nema web site: EPN and pesticide compatibility

    Similarly the Biobest Side Effect Manual is a useful tool to ensure maximum efficacy of your bioprotection product :


    Natural substances

  • 4.4 Safe use and storage
    Unlike conventional crop protection agents biological materials can require more care, particularly in regard to aspects of storage such as ambient temperature and shelf-life. The following video highlights some of these issues for fungal biocontrol agents, in this case Metarhizium for locust control:


    As for conventional pesticides care of personal hygiene and safety still needs to be considered. This video highlights the need for PPE in the use of the fungal biocontrol agent Metarhizium: