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What is the CABI BioProtection Portal?

The CABI BioProtection Portal is the largest free global resource providing users with registered biocontrol and biopesticide products in their country and information on how to use them. It aims to help growers and agricultural advisors identify, source and correctly apply these products against problematic pests in their crops. We also have a comprehensive Resources section if you want to know more about biocontrol.

Accessibility is a top priority. The portal is available in the local language and English, online and offline, and on smartphones, tablets and desktop.

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Who is CABI?

CABI is an international, inter-governmental, not-for-profit organization that helps to improve lives worldwide by applying scientific expertize to problems in agriculture and the environment. Our approach involves putting information, skills and tools into people’s hands.

How are we governed? CABI’s 48 Member Countries guide and influence our work, which is delivered by scientific staff based in our global network of centres. CABI was established by a United Nations treaty-level agreement, where each of the 49 Member Countries has an equal role in the organization’s governance, policies and strategic direction. In return, these countries benefit from a number of privileges and services relating to our scientific expertize, products and resources.

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Why use the CABI BioProtection Portal?

Bioprotection products are made with human health and the environment in mind. These products have their origins in nature, and as such, cause less disruption to the environment compared to conventional pesticides, which can often lead to harmful runoff, killing of beneficial insects, and pesticide resistance.

The bioprotection market is growing, but lack of knowledge is hindering widespread adoption. The CABI BioProtection Portal aims to bridge this gap in awareness by providing information and a direct connection to bioprotection manufacturers, putting natural solutions at the fingertips of growers and advisors.

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Who is the CABI BioProtection Portal for?

  • Growers and advisors who need on-demand information on low-toxicity products
  • Those looking to expand by entering higher value markets, such as organics
  • Governmental regulators and private sector decision-makers
  • Biocontrol and biopesticide product manufacturers who are looking to promote wider use of their products
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How is the portal funded?

The portal must receive funds to ensure it is developed and maintained as an open access, up-to-date and reliable global source of biological control and biopesticide product information.

There are three funding schemes: partnerships (e.g. biocontrol manufacturers, distributors, etc.), sponsorships (e.g. consultancy services, retailers, certification bodies, etc.) and donor funding (e.g. government bodies, foundations, etc.).

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