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What is bioprotection?

Bioprotection is the use of products that originate from nature to control pests and diseases. At CABI, we put bioprotectants into two categories: biopesticides (microbials, semiochemicals, and natural substances) and invertebrate biocontrol agents (macrobials).

For example, the introduction of beneficial ladybird predators to combat aphid pests (pictured to the right) is a sustainable preventative measure that can retain ecosystem health while establishing long-lasting crop protection. Unlike many conventional pesticides and herbicides, these products are often pest specific, reducing harm to beneficial insects.

Fighting nature with nature preserves our environment, human health, and food safety. To learn more about bioprotection and its associated benefits and challenges, dive into our resources section!

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Collaborating with experts in the biopesticide and biocontrol industry

Our members include bioprotection product manufacturers, governments and private sector organizations from around the globe. The CABI BioProtection Portal aims to bring together people with a passion for increasing awareness and accessibility of bioprotection products in agriculture. During biannual Development Consortium meetings, our members share knowledge and develop key milestones.

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